fredag 17 juli 2009

Weirdo Sweden.

With shaky and spinning eyes the Swedish citizen today could see an well fare cracked to its bones.A government who forgot the people who voted on them and a law and justice department who makes any normal human being laugh out loud in a rather crazy and disturbed way.My first react to this is simply where did it all went wrong !?.

Probably a rather easy question to solve when the small country Sweden thought they could solve all the worlds problem with there own money and in the same time wrestling with an incompetent leadership.Sad days , no doubt about that there the Swede and his/her eyes keep on spinning for a fast solution with normal and healthy ideas who has changed to pure madness and of course a money question.
Good luck Sweden ... you probably need it , no doubt about that !!!.

Lets see , one red pill to me and a blue one to you.Shake them fast around and see the mental health take a ride all around , whoa whoa ha ha ha ... :)

Click the picture for BIGGER (shaky/spinning) format.
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