torsdag 16 juli 2009

The End of Internet.

Last night i woke up with a strange feeling that my beloved Internet had reached its limits.Stumbeling from my bedroom to the (of limit) computer room with all these GREAT beeping and blinking computer hardware and some tons of wires i sat down in my computer chair and logged in to find the end of Internet.Searching and searching for an hour or two the screen suddenly flashed in a pretty scary way.

With sleep drunken eyes looking into the screen all my nightmares suddenly become true in an instant.A strange looking armed robot instructed me to leave this place (the end of Internet) at once or they would fry all my hardware in a second.Now , i have finally realized i must fight back.If not , we are all screwed.First step Internet.
Second step humanity.Join the resistance today reader. :/

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My nightmare in video format.(Terminator Salvation Trailer).

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