måndag 20 juli 2009

Hot Summer Time Sheila.

There was something on my mind when i suddenly lost it all .. !?.
Well well , i could blame it on the hot summer time when people from time to time becomes more crazy than usual this time of year.Stay cool reader and let the AC work and don`t let the heat get to your brain as on my sexy (Hot Summer Time Sheila) who once a while gets to excited in this heat with to much Rock`n Roll ... and who could blame hear for that !?. :) Its BIG bobbie time once more reader on this web page.Open or close the eyes reader depending on your sensibility.

(The movie is compressed when my original home made version was to big for the Blogspot upload.Thats the reason for this smaller format).Stay Coooool ....

The Original (Hot Summer Time Sheila/Babe) version for download on HotFile

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