söndag 19 juli 2009

My Future Human World.

When i was a little boy i had BIG dreams about a cool future world without wars , decises or poverty.A world built for humanity.Today i am BIG and still i dream about this world if we once and for all could get rid of these lying governments who only have one issue on there table.To steal as much money as they could from this people and of course lie.That`s how it works in Sweden for instance but probably in many other countries to.In these days i guess there are two different humans in this world.Those who have realized that something in our ordinary lives is really wrong and those who are to scared to think anything else than what these governments tells them.The last group is sadly already gone with there own fear and is probably nothing to count on anymore.

The once who i in another word still put my trust into is these humans who still wants to fight the future war against these governments who lie and lie to us without exceptions.You don`t have to see any conspiracy movie today , and they are many.Some of these movies are just plain crazy but sometimes they are truly something to dig your mind into there they makes you realize that the feeling you have deep in your heart is trying to tell you something ... Get out and make it happen human , change your future and don`t be scared anymore.

Click the picture for BIGGER format.(The picture probably needs some time to load when its a BIG moving gif picture).Thanks for watching. :)
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Of course my sometimes lonely heart surrounded by a growing humanity who act as programed robots this heart still longs to calm spaces in its own despair when things looks bad for this humanity from time to time.Music for my soul and heart in another word with one more (Music for my eyes) video. :)

My YouTube Version.

The Widescren Version.
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