onsdag 15 juli 2009

The Swedish Viking/s.

(500 years) before Columbus discovered the continent America the Vikings (around year 1000) from (Sweden,Norway,Denmark) was crossing the oceans for new homes and for treasures in this world.They traveled deep into Europe and the Russian country for trading and plundering.The Vikings further explored Island , Greenland and Newfoundland and was sailing to Canada and the rest of the North American coast in there longships in hope to find bigger treasures in this world.For nearly 300 years the Viking era prospered and then they vanished as fast as they once had raised in this world.

These where the glory days in our history when continents was explored and Kings and Queens shifted places as fast as in a card deck.All in a time when Europe was changing religion from the
ASA religion / believing to our more modern God and his son Jesus.Shadows and Dust , Dust and Shadows ... I salute you history for these days when the Scandinavian humanity still managed to live up to our Viking era.We found , conquered and ruled the world.Just with a small longship and a battle axe/steel sword ... Well , let`s see , where did i put my time machine ... !?.

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Viking/s on 3D Ancient Wonders

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