söndag 6 december 2009

Stumbleupon and on and on and on and ....

Internet communitys could be heaven and hell on Internet.
Stumbleupon is one of those places who glue you for life in a nice way or as long as the Stumbleupon community is around.Probably the nicest people around sometimes and i salute you all for your sharing on GREAT internet places.I dont write all the names down to bore you to death but they are from all around the Globe ... USA , Canada , Africa , Japan , India , Island , Brazil and on and on.

This one i got from the member M0610 and i REALLY LIKE IT.
Dont know why and i dont care as long as i feel good about it.
What could it be , what could it be who makes me wanna smile every time i watch this one !?.Best regards , GhostSurfer.

The BIG screen version of the above YouTube video.

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Things to expect in different situations in life.

Things to expect in different situations in life is not the same as taking it in advantage like when you are rolling past the highway cop in an all to high speed.Some is however clearly as bright as a sunny day on the beach , others not.Like the one down under.Don't expect to see anything you already have imagined way back in your mind !!!.

Yeah , one more thing.You have to show here the mouse pointer over the picture.Thats it.

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