söndag 4 april 2010

Its wet and i think they call it rain ...

Raining this day and maybe God is crying once more when he looks down and see what we did with his creation.Maybe he is happy over what we did right.Dont know.Water pouring around my home and my life and feeling like Noa on his ark.Taking a walk into town , people rushing by like they was afraid of this water from heaven.Exited over all this water who flush away every trash and sin in our thoughts.
Its raining and i am feeling GREAT on my journey on this wet earth.Standing still in the middle of the street and just smile.
Happy for a short moment.Dont know why.Maybe its the rain who triggers my soul to let free its power in my body and color my day.Walking down the line of life as a visitor on this earth still with a BIG smile on my face.

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